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rain still coming down in some areas knocking out tower to hundreds of residents around the bay area. >> we have a live look outside from our emeryville camera.
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it may look calm, but another storm is heading our way. i'm larry beil. dan ashley has the night off. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we have team coverage for you tonight. alan wang is live in sonoma county. sergio is in santa cruz county. >> we begin with meteorologist sandhya patel with a look at what's happening right now. sand -- sandhya? >> we have rain on live doppler hd. a flood warning was just issued, and we will talk about those in a moment. let's get to the live doppler 7hd. we have our own radar on mount saint helena and it is tracking moderate to heavy rain around the windsor area. sweetwater springs road. as you can see highway 101 here. as we head up, we are getting light to moderate rain there. this was worrisome because it will only get worse. and that is why a flood warning has been issued for the russian river until 6:00 p.m. on monday.
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the russian river and it is also under a flood warning. that is until 8:00 p.m. on sunday night. let me show you some of the other areas seeing showers in the north bay. around santa rosa light to moderate rate. the showers #r* quickly developing -- the showers are quickly developing spotty in nature. east, southeast of the morgan hill area, rain shower totals are impressive, over eight and a half inches, the santa cruz mountains and almost nine inches. almost an inch and a half and almost three inches san rafael. oakland to san jose an inch and a third. livermore 1.86. 86 miles an hour and golden gate bridge with 60 miles an hour. we have a flash flood watch through sunday evening. smaller streams may over flow their banks. here is the final storm on saturday night 9:00 p.m.
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north of santa rosa, the stormy weather is still north of santa rosa at 11:00 p.m. this storm really starts to hit the north bay at 5:00 a.m. continuing across the heart of the bay area. heavy rain, wind and even the potential for a thunderstorm or two. sunny breaks will come out. i will have a detailed look on how much they will receive and a look at where the rivers are right now. larry? >> thanks. we will check back with you in a few minutes. as the next storm moves in, the big concern is in the north bay. look at the video from the stump town brewery in gernville. you can see how quickly the russian river has risen. a flood warning has just been issued. alan wang joins us live in sonoma county with the latest. >> hi, larry. along the santa rosa creek, the water level hasn't changed much. it may have risen one or two feet in the past three days, but that's because the city has an excellent storm
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drainage system. they are seeing a dramatic change in the river levels. >> by sunday into monday it will be up to here. the flood stage or the expectations at gernville is 32 feet. >> bill hutchinson whose trailer sits on the russian river says he has watched the river rise 17 feet since this morning. he is packing up and heading for higher ground tomorrow. >> it is not worth it. fortunately my little house has wheels on. it. >> even the creatures are headed for high ground. west of santa rosa, several low-lying back roads are flooded, and it only took a foot of water to stall out this car. >> we were coming from windsor and going to the mall. >> samuel saw the flood signs and he started to cross. >> once we got to the water we saw the smoke coming out and he turned the car back off and
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on. we will open the doors and the water just came in. >> everybody just thinks they can come through it and they don't make. it. >> nicholas williams says he pulled three cars out of this flooded part of the station. >> when they do that to the car what happens? >> they ruin it. it costs $5,000 to replace the motor. >> so far there has been relatively little damage out here in the north bay. but the ground is pretty well saturated, and we have another wave of rain coming at us. reporting live in the north bay, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. hundreds of people in the santa cruz mountains are without power. downed power lines mean highway 9 is still shutdown as well. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana continues our live coverage. sergio? >> the majority of those people who still are without power are in the community of ben loman. a tree came down and knocked
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down a power line right through town. pg&e crews are working late into the night to get power restored on this stretch of highway 9. this is what's left of the tree that came down earlier this morning and took out a power line. it has been cutaway by power crews and a few yards up the road one building has electricity. >> up here when you get a chance you try to get ahead of the ballgame. a lot of us have small generators. >> his generator is humming along at his general store, but some neighbors are making do with tiki lamps. >> this is our first for the year. usually they don't hit until january, february, but this time they caught us a little early. >> highway 9 through ben loman has been shutdown since 10:00. that means plenty of drivers have had to turn around and find alternate routes. >> i will find one of the roads that loops around. i will go to manzanita avenue. my friend is having a brie tall shower. bridal shower.
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>> they estimate the road will be reopen in the morning. meanwhile, the rain continues to come in waves. even with the power out, residents say it could be a lot worse. >> this time i am glad it is a warm storm. the worst time is when it is cold and dreary and it is cold and you can't warm up. we are running 60 degrees. that's not too bad. >> reporter: pg&e crews hoped to have the line repaired and the highway reopened by about 9:00 tomorrow morning. they had to push that a couple hours. now they expect to have the road opened around 11:00 a.m. reporting live in santa cruz, abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you. the wet weather created problems all over the bay area today. >> in san francisco check out the video. trouble for a new car owner. a treetop pelled on to the mercedes in lower pacific heights. thankfully no one was hurt. the mess shutdown a major crosstown artery for a short time today. >> fall entries and power lines kept crews busy.
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flooding submerged the manzanita parking lot. high winds knocked down part of a tent at a christmas tree lot near mill valley. >> seems like this one near jack london square kept public works crews busy today. they said you can often blame flooding on either leaves or litter clogging up storm drains. >> an army of grounds keepers used leaf blowers. plenty of hands teamed up to get it ready for the pac-12 championship game. >> won by stanford i might add. and homes are without electricity. pg&e tells us the biggest outage is in the north bay, mostly sonoma and marin counties. crews plan to work all night to repair the damaged lines and get the power back on. the storm watch continues all weekend on abc7 news. live reports tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. with the abc7 saturday morning news. and you can track the rain anytime you like at home with live doppler 7hd at
12:09 am a spinout on wet roads in antioch damaged three cards and sent a child and an adult to the hospital. it happened on highway 4. the chp cannot confirm earlier reports that the child was ejected 2r the car. ejected from the car. the boy was airlifted to children's hospital oakland. the adult was taken to a hospital in brentwood. police are releasing little information about the murder of a multimillionaire venture capitalist in his home. 66-year-old kumra was found early this morning. his wife called 9-1-1 and said she had been beaten by as many as four attackers. police declined to say if anything was taken or if the security gate was open. still to come, an identity theft scare in the east bay. >> and more than 150 students calling in sick to a bay other school. the plans for that school this weekend. >> a shocking discovery during a routine traffic stop. the dash cam video as the man
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is found in the trunk of the car. >> and we are keeping an eye on live doppler 7hd. meteorologist sandhya patel will be up with the full forecast. >> and then late other "fight line." >> i'm terry moran. carolyn and larry, the search for the latest instant millionaire. the latest lotto winner. and the controversial series of surgeries that allowed one woman to grow
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a san francisco elementary school is dealing with a gastro enteritis outbreak. dozens of kids have taken ill and the school has taken to stoping the spread of the virus. ama dates has more. >> michael huntley reads from a letter that kids at faremont elementary school were given yesterday to take home to their parents. >> symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and/or
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stomach cramps. >> she knew something was going around the school, but wasn't notified. >> i heard yesterday a parent saying about 28 kids were out yesterday. >> her son was sick last week. >> the day before thanksgiving he was fine. on thanks imifg he -- on thanksgiving he woke up really sick from his stomach. he wasn't able to eat turkey or anything. >> an administrator said 150 students and faculty members stayed home today. the after school care program ran afterwards but with precautions. >> we were given masks because 150 children are sick. we want to help them as much as we can, but we want to protect ourselves at the same time. >> some of the students may have been kept home as a precaution. the health department is advising on how to sanitize over the weekend and it sent an inspector to the school. the school administrator told me the lunchroom was in her words up to par. >> the school is expected to
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go on as usual monday morning though parents are urged to keep kids home if they show symptoms of the virus. ama dates, abc news. new details on the falcon shot on thanksgiving day in watsonville. wildlife experts say the falcon was expected to survive. sadly it was discovered the falcon had two shoulder fractures and if kept alive it would have been in pain for the rest of its life, so the falcon was euthanatized earlier today. more than 900 ambulance patients had their personal information stolen and some was passed to a theft ring. at advanced data processing, the vendor for berkeley admits one of their employees stole the data between september and october. all patients involved have been notified. >> officers in kentucky found a kidnapped store clerk in a car drunk. a dash cam caught it on tape. ththe kidnapping suspects who put the clerk in the drunk were pulled over on a routine traffic stop.
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the clerk then began pounding on the trunk and police got the suspect out of the car. then they popped the trunk and there he was. the clerk was shaking, but safe. the tape of the august incident was just released today. as the storms move through the bay area, viewers have been sending in their photos. take a look. this image shows the flooding on treasure island caused by the rain. >> and this one from robin shows wind damage outside the juvenile justice center. e-mail your weather photos to us. things are going to get a lot worse tomorrow, specifically tomorrow evening. >> more rain is coming. here is sandhya patel on the accu-weather forecast. >> that third storm, the final storm will come in here late tomorrow night and going into sunday morning. let me show you live doppler 7hd. we have our own radar on mount saint helena and it is focusing on the north bay where we are seeing moisture. some moderate to heavy rainfall. it is very scattered in nature
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around stewart point and askings spring road and dry creek road and windsor light to moderate rainfall. we are seeing moderate rain north of river road. you can see the sweep going around. they will be on and off through saturday. heavy rain and wind on sunday morning and a flood warning has been issued no you for two rivers. third river north of the area, and i will show you that in a moment. the cold front, the storm that blew through this morning left its mark. here are the showers that are trailing. we are watching this moisture because we will see showers through the night and heading into your saturday. the next system, the final round at least for this week is developing in the pacific. and it is going to be potent as well. here is a computer animation. we have a few showers around at 11:00 p.m. as we head into tomorrow morning they will increase in coverage and little moderate to heavy as you will notice. but these are still well ahead of the next storm the.
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the showers will let up and we will have pockets of sunny breaks. don't be fooled. things will start to change by saturday night 9:00 p.m. north of santa rosa. we are starting to see stormy conditions developing. winds will be ahead of the storm and it could be as high as 50 miles an hour. by 5:00 a.m. we are looking at stormy conditions in the north bay. the rain will continue to be heavy spreading across the east bay and down toward the san mateo coastline. and then eventually by 9:00 a.m. in the south bay toward the santa cruz mountains could see an isolated thunderstorm or two. can't rule that out. behind the front rapid clearing as we head into your sunday afternoon. we will see some sunny breaks and not a washout for the weekend. on top of the saturated ground, worrisome. 5 inches in north bay mountains and 4 inches santa cruz mountains. 1 to 2 for the rest of the bay area. this covers the last storm going into sunday afternoon. with additional rainfall on top of saturated ground, we
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are watching the rivers. the flood stage is 21 feet. it is currently just over five feet and expected to crest above 24 feet. now, we are looking at russian river at gernville. it is currently close to 24. we are expecting that one to rise above flood stage which is why a flood warning is going. this is expected monday at 33 feet. and this has just been issued. it is the russian -- it is the napa river at mount saint helena area. it is under a flood warning and currently just over a foot. over 17 feet is where it is expected to be. flood stage is 16 feet. you can bet there will likely be flooding on that river as well. high surf advisory until 10:00 a.m. waves up to 17 feet along the coast. watch out for rip currents. the temperatures temperatures are mainly in the 60s and scattered showers. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. stormiest time period is sunday morning. and then sunny breaks and dry on monday we will need that.
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more rain tuesday into wednesday. it looks light. not the storms we have seen. lisa argen will be here and carolyn and larry any updates on the storms. ahead,
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there are changes coming to bay area phone numbers. the 415 area code covers marin county and daly city and brisbane, but it is expected to run out of unique numbers by 2015. that means a new area code will be introduced, 628. public meetings on this change will begin in january. the -- the city of san jose may get rid of styrofoam takeout boxes. the plan is expected to be discussed early next year. the ban riel likely start in -- the ban will likely start in january of 2014. oakland, san francisco, pal lealto and san mateo counties ban the containers. raider nation, this is your time. e-mail fan photos to and we will post those pictures at and show them on the air during our special raiders day edition of abc7 news at 4:00. that's this coming thursday. and then at 5:00 watch the
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game. payton man expght denver broncos taking on your silver and black right here on abc7. >> and let's talk more football. >> a little college football and wearing your cardinal colors. the stamps are celebrating new year's eve in pasadena because they have a date the next day in the rose bowl. the cardinal pack torr the pack 12 -- capture the pack 12 mack lyon. a timely bible lesson the lord's way. churches of christ in the to have you visit one of worship assemblies. just do that? you will. week, will you?
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after beating ucla six days ago coach shaw knew the rematch would be tougher and he was right. with a trip to the rose bowl on the line it was a knockdown drag out fight in the rain. it was about half full because of the rain. stanford hammered the bruins, but up 14-7ucla's quarterback picked off by ed reynolds. he had three pick six's this year, and this should be four. the refs botched the call after an 80-yard return even though they -- and they spot him at the one even though it crossed the plain. taylor with 76 yards and becoming stanford's all-time leading rusher and it tie itself at 14 apiece. to the third quarter and jonathon franklin guiding in 20 yards for the touchdown. he gashed stanford for 201 yards for rushing and 24-17 bruins. but stanford answers and hogan
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on third and 15. a 26-yard strike to terrell. hogan throws for 155 yards and that touchdown 24 apiece. a field goal put the cardinal up by three. the final minute and ucla freshman kicker for the fie and he is wide left from 52. stanford wins the pack 12 championship 27-24. they are going to the rose bowl for the first time since 2000 and will face either nebraska or wisconsin out of the big 10. mike shumann fought through all of the fans. >> the seniors have brought our program this far. they put us in a position for success. >> how does this feel? your friends and family and you are going to the rose bowl. >> it is one of the most amazing feelings i have ever felt. they talk about being in the big signature games. wanting to send us over the top. we haven't been there in a longtime. to be a part of that is a great feeling. i will remember

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